Saturday, August 27, 2011

Soccer *Star*

This is the highlight of our fall so far. Kaden is amazingly good (one could almost say embarrassingly good) and LOVES it. He's got one great coach too (daddy)!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten

Oh, so Kaden has been in Kindergarten for 2 weeks now. Yes, they started SUPER early this year (Aug. 10th) in an effort to have a longer Christmas break (can I start counting the days already). The first days were rough. Very rough, on all of us (well, all but Marin who is thriving in her new found role of "only child at home"). Today many others started kindergarten, so I decided I was finally up for posting these pictures.

Perhaps part of the difficulty starting kindergarten was because we've had such a wonderful summer. We've gotten to do so many small, but fun things as evidenced by the 200+ photos I'm trying to squeeze into a Shutterfly album without much luck. We've soaked up this summer, and starting a new routine is hard.

Kaden is going to all day every day kindergarten. It was a choice. I'm still questioning it. He's gone from 8am-4:15pm every day. It's long and he's tired. He loves lunch and recess and I think he's growing to enjoy almost everything else about his daily routine too.