Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pink and Green (with a Little Wrestling In Between)

Marin wore this fancy pink lacy dress on Sunday to church complete with a matching headband and frilly socks! Oh my did she look cute!

This is what we looked over and found Sunday afternoon....Kaden had pulled Marin out from under her play gym and was talking to her in a high voice and playing with her arms and legs (very gently, I might add). Darling!

Marin just started vegetables! She's eating the green beans, but she's not always thrilled about it. She looks rather happy here though, doesn't she?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A $20 Day

Ok, so now that you've read the title I can't ask you how much I spent on everything in the above picture, can I? The kids and I hit about 5 garage sales today. It was a fun morning. Kaden's favorite find was the John Deere basketball (we think it may glow in the dark) and a blow up Southwest airplane.
I found several things for Marin including these $2 pair of Stride Rite shoes,

this white hooded Old Navy sweater that looks NEW,

and this cute, Old Navy pink camouflage rain coat for $1 for when she gets bigger (it's 3T).

The best bargain of the day was the Joovy Caboose double stroller I found for my sister. This is the stroller mom got me and I LOVE IT. So, when I saw this one I was prepared for it to be WAY expensive (mine was $200 new)....I was thrilled when I found out the price was $30! Yeah! Now Amber and I will have almost (mine is orange this one is red) matching strollers. I just hope she likes it as well as I do.

In other frugal news, I got my haircut last night at Great Clips for $4.99! WOW! Problem is, it's a bit short...well, guess that's frugal too, now I won't need it cut again for awhile!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Jumperoo, John Deere and a Visit from Friends

This is a random post...don't say you haven't been warned.

Marin has two teeth (yep, they both broke through in THE SAME week!). I am also happy to announce that she is sleeping more or less through the night (7pm-7am). I am not having to feed her during the night, but, I do have to supply her with her pacifier a couple times. She also has started testing out the Jumperoo. Again, she is NOT like her brother. He jumped until he fell asleep, she just sits there and occasionally the sound will go off. After about 2 weeks in and out of it, she has yet to start jumping.
Kaden got a new John Deere shirt in the mail from Grandma and Grandpa Steckel. This is John Deere shirt #4, but he LOVES them! It's so funny! He really could advertise for the company.
(in the picture he is NOT thrilled that I made him have his picture taken)
This weekend we had our good friends from Columbus, Sean and Christa, come visit us. What fun we had! The kids played and played (well Marin slept, but the rest of the kids played). It was a great day to be outside and hang out with friends. Hannah and Liam took a bath with Kaden before they left. What a treat! I didn't get many pictures, but here are the ones I do have!

(In this one Kaden and Jason are chasing Liam. I couldn't get a picture of the boys together, but they both looked so cute in their pajamas!)

Think that's all the randomness for now. I'll try to check back in later this week.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter in Review

This year we got to do all of the traditional Easter activities. What fun! Friday we dyed eggs, Saturday we went to a local (and HUGE....like 3,000 people!) egg hunt, and Sunday we went to church, then had a KFC picnic at the park, and finally gave Kaden his Easter basket after nap. It was low key and fun. My favorite part? Getting cute pictures of my kids in their "Easter outfits"!

Dying the eggs

Painting the eggs (we got a "speckeled eggs" kit)

Seeing the Easter bunny for 1 second before racing off to find his age group for the hunt

This is what you do with your Elmo Easter basket while you're waiting for the egg hunt to start

Mommy and Marin enjoy the outdoors

Kaden as the Easter Bunny thanks to some glasses from Grt. Aunt Judy & Uncle Larry

The cutest little bunny I ever did see... ears compliments of grt. Aunt Judy & Uncle Larry!

Fancy Siblings after church

Can you see those darling outfits? They looked so cute! I could have paraded them around town they were so adorable...and matching!! (thanks mom!)

Me and the kiddos

Daddy and the kids (look at Marin's face...so funny!)

Kaden's Easter basket...void of any candy...but he LOVED it! (baseball glove, t-ball stand, wonder colors, sand box toys, and goggles)

Kaden loved his goggles in Florida, but they didn't keep the water out...here's hoping these will do the trick this summer! If not, they were good for dress up!

Jason about to enjoy the majority of his Easter goodies...a GIANT (over 1 pound) King Crab leg!

A great way to end the day... catch with daddy!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

We're Back!

What a great vacation we had in Florida! Wonderfully warm (in the 80's) weather, family, and lots of relaxing fun! Kaden loved the airplane rides, the beach, swimming, gecko hunting with Auntie, and eating at restaurants. Marin loved being held by great grandma, entertained by her brother and cousin Brielle, and sleeping in the dark, warm bathroom. I enjoyed having help caring for my two kiddos, soaking in some sun, playing cards (and WINNING!), and NOT cooking! What a great week! It was truly better than we could have imagined! Thanks for all your prayers. Here are just a few of our MANY photos.

Kaden at the pool playing with dinosaurs.

Kaden and Auntie "gecko hunting"

The cousins (Kaden, Brielle, and Marin)

Kaden and Brielle at the beach

Green Girls---Brielle trying to console Marin

Kaden and Gramie at the pool

Kaden and Gramie at the beach (he loved to "stomp" the waves)

Great Grandma reads bedtime stories

Kaden and Great Grandma at Red Lobster

Brielle wasn't so fond of the beach

Sty'ln Brielle in her sunglasses

Kaden and mommy at the beach

A boy after his mother's heart...my sunning son

Brielle and Auntie in the pool (before Brielle got "kicked" out for being too young)

Kaden at the pool (every morning when I asked him what he wanted to do that day he said "Go swimming again!")

Great Grandma and Marin (Marin LOVED great grandma and the attention she gave her)

Kaden opening his birthday present (new swim trunks) from great grandma