Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011

He is Alive!

Oh the Wonderful Cross, oh the Wonderful Cross bids me come and die and find that I may truly live. Oh the Wonderful Cross, oh the Wonderful Cross all who gather here by grace draw near and bless your name.

When I survey the wondrous cross on which the Prince of glory died my richest gain I count but lost and pour contempt on all my pride...

Oh the Wonderful Cross, oh the Wonderful Cross bids me come and die and find that I may truly live. Oh the Wonderful Cross, oh the Wonderful Cross all who gather here by grace draw near and bless your name.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Understanding from a 5 year old

  • Today at breakfast Kaden prayed, "Thank you Jesus that part of your plan was Easter." Oh my! I loved it.

  • We've been doing Resurrection Eggs after dinner each night (if you haven't heard of them... You've gotta check them out! VERY COOL!). Last night we did the 7th egg which had 3 nails in it. So, we talked about how they hung Jesus on the cross. Then I asked him why Friday is called Good Friday when it's the day Jesus died. He did not hesitate long before he said, "Because Jesus took away our sins!" Praise God that boy has Truth in his precious heart! I am so stunned at his level of comprehension, memory and understanding.

  • Meanwhile Marin has found a new stall tactic for bedtime. She tells Jason she wants to put him to bed. She makes him go to his room, take off his shoes, get in bed, and get under the covers. Then she proceeds to sing him a song (usually Twinkle Twinkle) and pray for him. It's really cute!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Egg Hunt #1

Today we went to an AMAZING egg hunt at Kaden's preschool. WOW was there a ton to do! After the egg hunt the kids bounced in the bounce house, listened to live worship music, Kaden got a tatoo, Marin played the duck pond game, Kaden played the ring toss and we all enjoyed popcorn. What a FUN and well planned event! I was soooo impressed and thankful to find a great family activity. It was wonderful to have Grandma and "Papa" Steckel here to provide extra hands with everything!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Saturday, April 9, 2011


We love to read at our house. Kaden and Marin can often be found sitting in the play room with books spread all around them. Kaden has long been able to (mostly) remember the words to various books and can be heard "reading" them to himself while he's in his room. This morning he "read" this book to me. I love this book (Piggies by Don and Audrey Wood) and it was so fun to listen to him recite the words. He knew them almost perfectly along with when to turn the pages. He also had to point out some of the funny illustrations. Oh how I love these early stages of reading. I know it won't be long until he's reading on his own, so for now I will savor the joy of reading aloud to him as often as I can.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Potty Training=Doll House

Marin has been potty training for several weeks. It has been a totally different experience than with Kaden. I was fully prepared to wait with her, but she's shown some serious interest. With Kaden, we told him when he went pee on the potty he would get a scooter. Well, the first time he went potty he looked up and me and said, "Where's my scooter?" With Marin we didn't mention a potty training "prize" until recently (to encourage her to poop on the potty). Now, granted she's not TOTALLY, completely trained, but she is well on her way. She is out of pull-ups and wearing undies during the day (all of her own initiation). I think we have only had to change wet pants two or three times this week. So, last night when she FINALLY pooped on the potty, she got her doll house as a reward. She is excited and we are very proud (and relieved that it wasn't a 6 month process this time!).

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cake Pops

My newest craft-y experience. In short: fun, time consuming, and YUM!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Monkey Joe's

This week we had spring break. While we didn't go anywhere warm or do anything fantastically exciting, we did have a chance to do a few fun, out of the ordinary things. Visiting a "bounce house place" was one such thing. Both kids enjoyed it (and got quite worn out I may add). We hope to go back again in the future.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Family Party

Saturday Kaden celebrated his birthday with our extended family. He had looked forward to the day for months and it did not disappoint. He was surrounded by grandmas and grandpas who adore him and they showered him with love, attention and gifts. I always love getting to see my children interact with our families, but as they grown older it's even more fun to listen to the conversations that take place. This year he REALLY liked all of his gifts (even the clothes) and was able to play with each and everything he received. I'm so proud of the little man he's becoming (but more on that in another post) and the happy, fun, polite (usually) boy he is to be around.
**My dad is the only one who I didn't get a picture of! Ugh! Hate when that happens. Sorry dad! Unfortunately he spent the better part of the day trying to convience Marin he wouldn't pretend to use her new pony tissues again! Who'd have thought that would upset her.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Friend Party

This was the first year Kaden invited friends over for his birthday. We just had 4 and 3 of them were our neighbors. They came after dinner and played, ate cupcakes and then Kaden opened his gifts. It was neat to watch Kaden learn how to treat his friends like guests, see them all play and interact, and help Kaden practice showing genuine appreciation to each of them for their gift and for coming. I never imagined what a hands-on learning experience it would be. At all ages, I'm so aware of the joy friends bring into our lives.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Little O turns 1

We have been babysitting little O part time since last June. In March she turned one and we had the honor of being invited to her birthday party. The kids were very excited to be included. Marin ended up having a fever, so she stayed home and Kaden and I went. It was so sweet to see her reach with excitement to Kaden. It's like he's her brother too. She squealed when we came to the door. What fun it has been to love on another baby and watch her learn and grow! We love you little O!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rain Walk

Love this. I pray these two can always stay close and enjoy the simple things like walking to the mailbox in the rain.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Pirate Party

Kaden went to a fun pirate birthday party in early March for a friend from his old preschool who we stay in contact with. What fun!