Friday, July 31, 2009

2 in Bed

Help me out here, how does that old song go? "There were 2 in the bed and the little one said, 'roll over, roll over' so they all rolled over and one fell out." Well, this wasn't quite that bad. In fact, I'd guess all parties involved would say it was pretty darn good. Bonding first thing in the morning. Doesn't get much better!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jim Gill

Earlier this week we went to see Jim Gill at our local library. I'm a long time fan of Jim's because I used his music a lot in my class room to get the kids moving. My students LOVED to do the "List of Dances" and "Stick to the Glue" and even "The Silly Dance Contest".

Kaden first saw Jim Gill when he was 16 months old and we happened upon him doing a "concert" at a library in Columbus. I bought a CD after the show and Jim even autographed it.

Well, that CD has become a favorite at our house. Kaden loves "Drumming the House" song and laughs along with many others. When we saw he was coming to our library as part of the summer reading program, we were both THRILLED. Kaden began the count down and would often ask each day if it was "Jim Gill Day yet?"

We were NOT disappointed with his performance on Tuesday. He is great with children and makes everyone feel welcome, like they're at a sing-a-long, not a concert. He has a very professional set up, so everyone could hear clearly (Kaden said it was too loud, but, his ears are VERY sensitive). We thoroughly enjoyed the 45 minute show and even got a picture with him after.

Kaden told Jim his favorite song, and Jim said he couldn't do that song without his drummer, but gave Kaden a high-five for "knowing it".

All week Kaden continues to talk about Jim Gill, what he looked like, how much he loves his music, what a good singer he is, and so forth. It's so fun to see him enjoy music and get to meet one of his favorite musicians. I asked if he liked the Wiggles or Jim Gill better and his response was "Jim Gill!"

8 months

Another month has quickly passed for sweet Marin. Please tell me she doesn't look a day older than, say, 4 months old???

She is ACTING older. She sits up without falling, she babbles "ma-ma-ma-ma-ma" ALL the TIME, she's almost out grown her infant car seat, she smiles at all of us every day, and she's sleeping well (lately 12 hours straight, even though she's getting over another ear infection)! What a fun age!
Thanks Miss Sara for the cute outfit!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Gifts from Gramie

This is Kaden's new toy from Gramie. He. She knew he would because he played with the one she has at her house. Currently Isabelle is riding in it, but, sometimes "Bear" does too (as in the photo). He'd like to take it outside so he can push them on a walk, but I'm not sure I want it getting dirty. It's a really cute and nice stroller and I'd like it to last for Marin to use too. (and yes, we tried putting her in it [while Kaden wasn't looking], but, the stroller reclined on it's own, so that idea was quickly nixed!)
Gramie sent Marin a high chair. Marin likes it and often stays in it longer than just to eat as she can watch us bake, make dinner, or do dishes. You may recal she was eating it this chair most recently. Well, Gramie thought it was unsafe and had visions of her falling off the counter, so now we're all resting a tad bit easier (I obviously wasn't loosing any sleep over it, but, you know how grandmas can be).

Thanks Gramie!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


First experience sitting in the grass.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just a Swing'n

One of the downsides of our neighborhood is that we don't have any trees large enough to support an infant swing. Well, a few weekends ago, that was remedied. Our neighbors hang their swing from their garage door frame. So, with the purchase of one (we already had one) new screw (99 cents), Marin has a new place to hang out. She can face outside in the morning while backyard is shaded, and into the garage in the afternoon. Quite handy. She loves it!
(This picture was taken last week, when the mornings were cool, hence the reason she's wearing long pants and long sleeves)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Kaden has never been fortunate enough to live close (as in, less than an hour away) to family. Plus, he currently only has one cousin (and one on the way). I mention this all to say, that when he is lucky enough to be with my extended family he has a BLAST with all the kids. The particular night this picture was taken (at a restaurant), he started crying and said "I don't want everyone to go!" when it was time to leave. I hope this is a foretaste of how much he'll love preschool this fall!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4th of July

We had a fun visit to Illinois over the 4th this year. Kaden wasn't thrilled with the fireworks (not a fan of loud noises), but he enjoyed seeing all his grandparents! Marin is at the "stranging" (or stranger anxiety) phase, so she cried at everyone we visited. It doesn't last long, and she does warm up, so that's good. Here are some pictures to recap our long holiday weekend.

Kaden watches cartoons while he eats breakfast....a special treat at Gramie's house only!

Siblings that bathe together....stay together (or something like that!)

Kaden and Grandpa Mike race motorcycles.

Happy 4th of July! (thanks Sara for the cute outfit!!!)

Pool time! (Isn't this just the coolest pool? Marin had her own oasis, free from splashing!)

Grandpa and Grandma Steckel sitting quietly with Marin until....

Kaden decides it would be fun to get grandpa wet too! That ornery boy!

Grandma Steckel keeps Marin nice and warm! (hope you can see the gleam in Marin's eyes)

This is my favorite picture of Kaden that can see how thrilled he is with life!

Popsicle time

Thursday, July 2, 2009

7 Months (mommy pauses to wipe her tears)

Oh, how quickly my baby girl is growing! Can't say I'd go back to those first months, but I'd love to snuggle that newborn again. I can say I intentionally try to enjoy and savor each phase, however, they still go by too quickly! When I think that now we're closer to 1 year than newborn, it makes me so very sad! Fortunately, it also helps me to find joy in every day, in the here and now.

**You can't read it, but her outfit says: "Daddy's Little Girl" And, look! She's sitting up by herself!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Harley Chick or Stuck in the 70's?

You decide:

Either way, we got a good laugh out of it!