Friday, June 26, 2009

First Days of Summer: Marin Edition

Marin had her first ever pool experience on the first day of summer. She didn't even flinch as I put her in and sat her down (it was almost as warm as bath water). I put her in the Bumbo to sit, as I secured it with my feet. She splashed and played and squealed acting like she'd been swimming a million times before. Eventually I took her out of the Bumbo and just held her with my feet. She is sitting quite well, and only tips over occasionally. After about 45 minutes in the pool, she did a nose dive, and, that was the end of her swimming for the day. She did hang out in the stroller and watch Kaden for another 20 minutes though. I think the girl enjoys being outdoors.

Here she's chewing on an empty Graeter's ice cream container. What can I say, the girl knows her ice cream!

Since you all know how much I "heart" a good deal, this swim suit was a garage sale find...33 cents!

So happy!

Jason wanted to know who splashed her in this response: "our little Michael Phelps"

Since both kids seem to adore the water, and, since swimming at home is so MUCH easier right now then carting them to the local outdoor pool (which, around here happens to be a good 25 minutes away), I think we'll be getting our $10 out of the kiddie pool this year!


Weed said...

What a cutie! (And who charges 33 cents for something at a garage sale???)

Allecia said...

It was 3/$1, so of course, I got several $$ worth. I tried to find all the name brand things I could. Only problem was, it was all in tubs, and I had Kaden, so I had to DIG for EVERYTHING. Also got her some almost new headbands there for 50 cents I think.