Thursday, December 17, 2009

Focused. Centered. Grounded.

Those words describe what I desire Christmas to be in our family. Focused on the birth of our Savior King. Centered on the spiritual gift of Christmas. Grounded in Truth and void of greed.
How can I accomplish this goal? This goal which seems so unattainable and lofty in a world so full of self and stuff!
One step at a time. This is my only hope for change. One step at a time with a desire and commitment to continue taking steps on this journey. Even though I know it will be like running a race uphill (with a 50 pound backpack), my children's souls depend on my dedication to taking steps.
This year it is a chain. A count down to Christmas chain. Each day we focus on one part of the Christmas story, one Biblical Truth, or one song/hymn of hope. I am blown away by what Kaden comprehends and how much he can remember from day to day. It is amazing what 5-7 minutes a day can add up to over 20 days. My efforts are bearing fruit. do I put into practice what I'm teaching? How do we keep the chaos which surrounds December 25th focused, centered, and grounded? How do I show my children that Christmas is Jesus in the midst of a 24 hour (or longer) gift getting blizzard? How? Someone tell me how? My heart longs to change the past patterns and put in place meaningful, enjoyable, relaxed traditions that point away from self to the One in the manger.
Can I challenge you? (this IS my blog, so I guess I can)
What step are you making toward the manger and away from the mall this year?


Ali said...

Matt and I are on year two of no presents between us or our children. I don't know how long we'll be able to keep this up . . . eventually Henry will "get it." But until then, there is no reason for us to buy just to buy.

Adrianne said...

Love your post. I have no suggestions to offer, but I think I'm going to print it out so I can keep reading it. Not so much about the Christmas part (though that is obviously important) but to be reminded of what you said about how 5 minutes a day can add up.