Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No Fooling....April 13, 2010!

Yes, you read the date right. It's only April and this is what we were up to today:

Call me crazy (I won't be offended), but it was HOT (our back yard has NO afternoon shade) and I knew both kids would get a kick out of splashing in the kiddie pool. After retrieving said pool from the attic, blowing it up, finding and attaching a hose to the closest location, and filling it all of 2 inches, we were in business. Kaden played and played and played. Marin took awhile to warm up to it (no, the water never did warm up, it was like ICE!), but soon loved splashing around. I had to strip her to her onesie and even then she was soaking wet. She especially loved playing with the purple ball Kaden brought in. Imagine the fun these two are going to have this summer. All without leaving the comforts of our very own back yard! (they will be clad in swim suits this summer though!)

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