Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fun Run

A few weeks ago Kaden had a fundraiser at school. It was unlike most fundraisers in that they did not sell anything. He simply ran/walked for 30 minutes and got pledges. It was a fun day overall (he had a cold, so the final lap was not much fun). Marin and I got to go watch. I was able to walk his last lap with him, but siblings were not allowed on the track, so Marin hung out happily with the other moms. Kaden's total was 7 laps, or just over 2 miles! Yea Kaden! Our vote is this was a great way to raise money for a school.



Emily said...

How funny, Katy just had the same fundraiser today! (you might already know that from wendy) I thought the same thing - much better than selling overpriced candy, and the school gets to keep all the money! Katy's school added some obstacle course type games, a snack, and some line dancing (hilarious!).

Weed said...

Emily...line dancing? We didn't have that in the morning! I agree that it's MUCH better than selling stuff.

So funny that we all had one...and they all got grey t-shirts, too! :)