Monday, November 28, 2011


The cake

The birthday girl at her long awaited party with her much anticipated cake

("It's gonna taste nummy!")

Our big 3 year old!

Marin and I at dinner tonight at Red Robin

Marin opening her gift from Kaden

(he said watching her be so surprised and happy was the best part of his day)

Marin and her pillow pet from Kaden

(she said her pillow pet was the best part of her day!)

Marin with daddy

(not related to her birthday, but we needed a picture of daddy and his girl in here)


Momma Shoe said...

So sweet! Can't believe she's three. Beautiful family...I miss you:(

Weed said...

Happy Birthday Marin!!!!!

Emily said...

How can she possibly be three?!? And that cake is incredible!!! I love it! Katy likes Hello Kitty, too. Your kids are so sweet.