Monday, October 27, 2008

How to Carve a Pumpkin

Last night, we carved our first pumpkin as a family. Jason and I have always loved to carve pumpkins, but this year it was especially fun to do it with Kaden. He was TOTALLY into the mini saws, but NOT so sure about the stuff inside the pumpkin. Here is a tutorial in what could have been his own words.

1. Watch your daddy cut off the top (called a pumpkin hat)

2. Peer inside at the "nasty" stuff.

3. Make a disgusted face as mommy takes all the pumpkin goop out.

4. Help poke holes to make the face pattern.

5. Use a mini saw to connect the dots (or just saw on the mouth for awhile, then ride around the garage on your bike while your mom and dad do the rest).

6. Light your pumpkin inside, and get scared at the windy noises outside.

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