Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

Last night was the night Kaden has been talking about for weeks. The night he finally got to wear his "stostume". He did wear it on Thursday for an event at the library, but last night he was ready to say "trick or treat" and get candy in his bucket.

After an early dinner, we headed upstairs to get dressed. Kaden thought it was soooooo funny that he got to wear jammies underneath his costume. It was warm yesterday so he got to wear "short jammies" last night, which was another bonus for him.

If asked, he would eagerly tell you he was a "monkey with a banana in my pocket and a tail."
We headed out with our neighbors around 6pm last night. It was fun to get to walk around, and the kids (all about the same age) seemed to pick up on the routine quickly. I was so proud of Kaden for 1) saying trick or treat 2) only taking one piece of candy and 3) saying thank you. He did good with #1 and #3, but he was almost flawless with #2, and very proud of himself for listening to mommy.

At one house I heard him ask "Do you have any Snickers?". This was strange, since I knew he'd never had a Snickers before. When I asked him what he was asking for, he said stickers. It was so cute, and I loved the innocence! He did get play-doh at a couple houses, which he was thrilled with. Otherwise, he chose a piece, often a lollipop, and quickly put it in his bucket, without much regard.

By the time we returned to our house, it was 7:15pm and he was fading fast. He did however, find the energy to sit on the front porch with daddy and pass out candy for awhile longer. (Which he thought was especially fun since it was getting dark outside.)

We got a huge kick out of how much he loved to pass out candy. He would yell to anyone walking down the side walk "Hey, come here, I got some candy for you!" It was so cute! He did eat a kit-kat, and would have ate more, but it was bed time. He fell into bed just after 8pm and didn't make a peep!

We had a really fun night enjoying Halloween through the eyes of our little monkey!

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Weed said...

What a cute little monkey he makes!! I love the costume!

I also love the pregnancy ticker at the bottom of your blog...I can't believe there are only 35 more days! (I'm sure it probably feels more like 35 years to you, though....) Can't wait to meet him/her!

Love you!