Thursday, December 18, 2008

I can't believe....

Here's a list of things I can't believe this week:

1) time flies even when you're sleep deprived

2) my little "Mare Bear" is already 3 weeks old!

3) Christmas is in 1 week (or 7 days, however you choose to look at it)! Yea, and YIKES!

4) Thanksgiving was only 3 weeks ago

5) Marin had her first blow out today (yep, up the back and out the leg!)

6) Kaden played all afternoon with an empty box...he said it was his "water park"

7) I'm done Christmas shopping, but not Christmas "creating"

8) Kaden told Jason we were having Taco Bell tonight, when really we just had tacos

9) Kaden is still asking for roller skates and a guitar for Christmas!

10) I made Christmas cookies today and Kaden was actually sort-of helpful


Weed said...

She looks so much like Kaden in this picture! I didn't think that when I saw her, but in this one she does.

That's so funny about Taco Bell!

And good for you for making cookies!!

Ali said...

Her precious cheeks are the chunkiest!