Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's....SUPER Wendy!

She makes cut-out cookies.

She frosts cookies.

She plays with playdough.

She paints with water colors.

She makes reindeer crafts.

She prepares dinner.

She cleans up dinner.

She plays in the playroom.

She goes to the Children's Museum.

She makes foam door hangers.

She's.....SUPER Wendy!

Kaden had a fabulous time early this week with Miss Wendy and Rachel. He loved all the fun activities she brought to do and having someone to play with. And me, well, I loved having my friend around 24/7 to talk to, enjoyed not having to make dinner, and SOOOO appreciated the love and attention she gave to Kaden! Thanks "Miss" Wendy (and Rachel, and Mr. Brian... for sacrificing your family) for the fun week!


Adrianne said...

Some of us can only hope to be half as super as Super Wendy. Foam door hangers, huh? I think I'm doing pretty well with play-doh.

Weed said...

Super Wendy didn't take into account that the foam letters were way too big for the door hangers, so Rachel's hanger only says "Rach"! Not so super...

And the cookies were from a mix, the frosting was from a can, and dinner was in the crockpot almost every night. Not super....just doing things the easy way!

I wouldn't call her Super Wendy. Just Wendy will suffice!