Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jim Gill

Earlier this week we went to see Jim Gill at our local library. I'm a long time fan of Jim's because I used his music a lot in my class room to get the kids moving. My students LOVED to do the "List of Dances" and "Stick to the Glue" and even "The Silly Dance Contest".

Kaden first saw Jim Gill when he was 16 months old and we happened upon him doing a "concert" at a library in Columbus. I bought a CD after the show and Jim even autographed it.

Well, that CD has become a favorite at our house. Kaden loves "Drumming the House" song and laughs along with many others. When we saw he was coming to our library as part of the summer reading program, we were both THRILLED. Kaden began the count down and would often ask each day if it was "Jim Gill Day yet?"

We were NOT disappointed with his performance on Tuesday. He is great with children and makes everyone feel welcome, like they're at a sing-a-long, not a concert. He has a very professional set up, so everyone could hear clearly (Kaden said it was too loud, but, his ears are VERY sensitive). We thoroughly enjoyed the 45 minute show and even got a picture with him after.

Kaden told Jim his favorite song, and Jim said he couldn't do that song without his drummer, but gave Kaden a high-five for "knowing it".

All week Kaden continues to talk about Jim Gill, what he looked like, how much he loves his music, what a good singer he is, and so forth. It's so fun to see him enjoy music and get to meet one of his favorite musicians. I asked if he liked the Wiggles or Jim Gill better and his response was "Jim Gill!"

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Emily said...

Thanks for this recomendation - I think I know some of his songs from "Music and Movement" class at the library, but didn't know his name. I'm going to look for his CD's at the library.

We are STUCK in a Wiggles phase that I'd really like to get out of, although they are growing on me...