Monday, July 27, 2009

Gifts from Gramie

This is Kaden's new toy from Gramie. He. She knew he would because he played with the one she has at her house. Currently Isabelle is riding in it, but, sometimes "Bear" does too (as in the photo). He'd like to take it outside so he can push them on a walk, but I'm not sure I want it getting dirty. It's a really cute and nice stroller and I'd like it to last for Marin to use too. (and yes, we tried putting her in it [while Kaden wasn't looking], but, the stroller reclined on it's own, so that idea was quickly nixed!)
Gramie sent Marin a high chair. Marin likes it and often stays in it longer than just to eat as she can watch us bake, make dinner, or do dishes. You may recal she was eating it this chair most recently. Well, Gramie thought it was unsafe and had visions of her falling off the counter, so now we're all resting a tad bit easier (I obviously wasn't loosing any sleep over it, but, you know how grandmas can be).

Thanks Gramie!

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