Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Getaway

We enjoyed a Fun-tastic weekend in St. Louis last weekend with extended family on my mom's side. While the weather wasn't much to brag about, getting to spend time with family, stay in a GREAT hotel, and just have a break from the everyday routine was wonderful. Kaden adores his cousins, my cousins and his great aunts and uncles. He practically floated through the weekend. Swimming, eating out, sleeping with gramie, playing in the gym, more swimming... what's not to love, right? Monday night when I went into his room to kiss him good-night, he told me, "I'm a little sad." When I asked why his response was, "We didn't get to stay in St. Louis very long." (These pictures are in no apparent order...for some reason I'm not able to move them around as I typically can.)

Our fish who was often found splashing around independently with his wings and his ring


Ball Girl

Grandma's birthday

Me and my kiddos

After dinner at P.F. Changs

Gramie's girls

Sharing an of Kaden's favorite activities

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Ali said...

The iPod picture makes him look so old!