Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Spiky Hair

The object on exhibit is Marin's spiky hair. However, as an added bonus, you'll be getting a few totally sweet pictures as well.

It all happened as an accident really. One night in loo of a bath, I simply put lotion in Marin's hair and combed it (I won't mention what I was trying to comb out of that mop, but, you can safely assume it was something she had for dinner).

The result was roll-on-the-floor hysterical! The bad part: I was the only one home to see it. So, I took pictures! Now you can laugh too!

Oh, and check OUT those teeth! She's cutting #7 and #8 and I can see bumps for SEVERAL others.


Ali said...

She couldn't be any cuter.

Weed said...

She looks so much like Kaden as a baby in that first picture with the toothbrush! And the one looking up, kind of out of the corner of her eyes is just so sweet.