Sunday, October 25, 2009

Breakfast with the Witches

Saturday we went with our neighbors to enjoy the annual Friendly Feast with Witches at our local Children's Museum. What a fun event! Kaden and I were able to go while Jason stayed with Marin. He got to wear his costume (well, one of them...he has several options for Halloween, but so far, this one is the front runner), eat breakfast (it was catered and really quite good...Kaden ate 6 sausage links! and a half of a chocolate muffin), get his face painted, see Ruditoonz in "concert" (it was actually a short, 20 minute show. He reminded me of Jim Gill . He sang and played his guitar, so Kaden was in heaven), and go through the haunted house during "friendly hours" (with the lights on and a staff member handing out goodies in each room). We left our house around 8:30am and didn't get home until close to noon. Whew, I was tired. Kaden loved that everyone said, "Hey, look, it's Buzz Lightyear" when they saw him and said his favorite part was the haunted house (he got stickers, tattoos, candy, and a florescent band-aide). It was a fun kick off to our Halloween festivities (and a good chance to get to dress up in his costume!).

Oh, and guess I should mention that there are no pictures with the witches because Kaden wouldn't take one with them. They were SO friendly and all had HOT pink hair. Even when his friend had his picture taken with 4 of them, Kaden didn't want to join him. So, no witch pictures. Maybe next year.