Thursday, October 15, 2009


Our computer recently got the swine flu...or something like that. We took it to the computer dr. and there it stayed for 2 WHOLE WEEKS! Unbelieveable. It was a hard two weeks for me as I learned how much time I spend communicating, browsing, and honestly, wasting time on the computer. I got lots of great things done around the house, was able to enjoy the kids more and even had some good days to play outside.

It's back. We're slowly getting all the applications and programs reloaded. I have a post in the works with Marin's 10 month picture, but, well, I can't edit it at this time, so she'd be sideways to you.

So, hopefully I'll be back soon with more stories and pictures. I am however, reevaluating how much time I'm on the computer, so my posts may not be as frequent.

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