Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had a super fun Halloween weekend last weekend. Dad, Teri, and my Grandma came to visit. How fun it was to have family around to share the excitement! Kaden liked dressing up, LOVED having Grandpa Mike, Grandma Teri and Great Grandma around, and had fun trick or treating with his friends. Marin hung out in the stroller. She was tired, but didn't make a peep the entire hour we were out. Kaden was ready to quit after an hour (even though his friends kept going) because I told him he could eat a piece of candy when we got home and, well, he spotted the candy he wanted...a FULL SIZE Snickers bar! After that indulgence, he passed out candy, raked leaves off the front side walk and chatted to his friends.
What a great year of Halloween celebrating!

Marin with Great Grandma

Our sweet Bee

Buzz, the Firefighter and his trusty Dalmatian dog (baby brother)

The Neighborhood Gang

Trick or Treating (aka: racing to see who could ring the door bell)

Buzz retires early to enjoy his Snickers

Mommy's favorite super hero!

(Notice the pumpkins...we ended up with pumpkins decorated 4 different ways this year: painted, Mr. Potato Head-ised, carved, and poked with lite-brite type pins! We had fun for weeks ahead of time and what an eclectic display! Thanks to generous grandparents we had 8 pumpkins!)

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