Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Marin!

Marin turned one at the end of November! OH MY! How does time go so quickly? Well, we had her party all planned for the weekend before her actual birthday, since her birthday falls so close to Thanksgiving. We also had baby dedication at our church, so we figured why not roll it all into one big celebration. Yes, I was a bit over ambitious! Needless to say, things didn't turn out as planned...Kaden had some type of flu (4 day fever), so we rolled all the celebrating into one day, Sunday. It was fun and Marin LOVED every part of it.
Here are the pictures, again, better late than never (is this the new mantra for my life? I think from November-January it just may be!)

Marin and Gramie

Marin and Grandma Steckel before Baby Dedication (thanks Auntie for the cute dress!!!!)

Kaden and Grandpa Steckel

Marin in her new "car" from mommy and daddy

Marin in her new chair on her new phone

Getting ready for cake (she loved the hat!)

Cupcake was a HIT!

Mommy's birthday girl

Birthday girl with daddy and Grandpa Steckel

Getting snuggles from big brother


Emily said...

I can't believe she's one already! Happy birthday! Katy has that exact same chair - we love it. I actually just washed the cover the other day for the first time and it turned out great (we've had it for about 18 months).

Ali said...

STOP GROWING! Wow, they are beautiful, beautiful kids - growing, growing, growing.

And your mom looks just like you!

Weed said...

Rachel still calls her "Baby Marin." I keep telling her she's growing up and is one now, but she'll always be "Baby Marin" to us! Can't believe how big she's gotten.