Friday, January 15, 2010


These pictures are from our first "big" snow of the year last week. It was chilly, but I bundled the kids up and out we went. If I was sweating before I got outside (and I was!), I was glistening greatly by the time our walk was finished. Pulling 60+ pounds worth of children through 4-5 inches of fresh snow was A LOT of WORK! The best part was as we started walking and I heard Kaden say, "Weeeee!" and Marin (who was sitting between his legs) started giggling! Made it totally worth all the effort!

This is Marin dressed in Kaden's old (24 month) coat and 2T snow pants (they were SO BIG, but so warm). She was so bundled she could barely sit up without falling, she fell over!

Ready to ride!

Marin LOVED being outside in the snow!

Snow buddies

This is one of the things Kaden likes to do in the snow...shovel it. He also likes to 1)drives his big monster truck (garage sale find this summer) through it and 2) use a piece of scrap wood board as a snow plow and "plow" the yard.

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Weed said...

Hilarious! So glad they're enjoying it.