Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall at Town Hall

Our town has a hay bale decorating contest. Unique, yes, and also an amazingly fun time (and did I mention ... FREE????). This year there were 90 entries all displayed at town hall (by a busy street which makes for lots of backed up traffic, I might add). We went to check them out Sunday night. It was a perfect evening and the kids had a ball running from one entry to the next. Kaden quickly picked out his favorite (bonus points if you can quess which one it is). It didn't take long, but we all thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, the kids are asking to go back. The display only lasts until next week, so I guess I better get them over there again. Not sure which they liked more:the hay bales or running in the green, green grass afterwards.


Momma Shoe said...

How fun!!! and we LOVE anything free:) Thanks for sharing the photos!

rahattan2003 said...

I'm guessing the race car! Hey, Thanks for sending me that directory. Do I owe you anything for it?

We will be back for Christmas. Dec 21- Jan1. I REALLY hope we can get together if just for a short time. I would love to meet Marin before she is a teenager :)