Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

To say the kids have been looking forward to Halloween this year would be an understatement. Kaden has been counting down the days for the past week and Marin has been saying " happy ween" every time she sees our door banner the past couple days. What a fun evening we had with our neighborhood friends. It's become a tradition to start out with pictures by our front door and we did great to get a TON of kids all looking at the cameras this year.

The big kids then separated ahead of the younger ones and went to the houses together, taking turns ringing doorbells and *trying* to patiently wait for the younger set to catch up after each house. Marin LOVED walking by herself and going to each door.

She proudly carried her candy and by the end would put it in her bag and say "more" as in, she wanted to go to more houses. Also by the end she was asking for "lollies", her favorite candy. She was so cute, she usually got exactly what she asked for.

After a good hour of trick or treating we circled back around to our house. Marin went up to bed and Kaden and I went with our friends Jen and Owen to the local fire stations open house.

I'd call the entire evening a success. Especially considering the fact that a certain 4 year old hasn't stopped talking about firemen and has been wearing his snow boots, winter coat, and fire helmet around all week putting out "fires" around the house. Today he even made an air tank out of paper to put on his back. Yes, I'll call that success indeed.

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