Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas at the Zoo

This weekend was our dedicated "do Christmas things" weekend. Friday night it was WARM (like 40 degrees!), so we bundled up and headed to see the lights at the zoo. Kaden and Jason have been to this for the past 2 years with our neighbors, but this was the first year for Marin and I. It was fun, but BOY, O BOY were there a TON of people! We finally decided to just stay outside (instead of trying to go inside to see anything) and look at the lights and not try to find the animals. The inside exhibits were EXTREMELY crowded and made me claustrophobic!

We were really excited (and thankful!) to get the kids a zoo membership from my Grandma Sauder for Christmas. I'm looking forward to getting to take them to the zoo many times this coming year. We love our Children's Museum membership and I'm hoping we love our zoo one just as much.

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