Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Visit with Santa & a Jolly Time at the Museum

Yesterday we had the rare opportunity to hit the children's museum with some of our favorite neighbors. The kids had a grand time, especially enjoying the special winter exhibit. They baked cookies, ice skated (in socks), brushed reindeer, had a (fake) snow ball fight, slide down a hill like penguins, sat on Santa's lap, and went down the giant slide. They also hit the ever-favorite dinosaur exhibit. Oh how thankful I am for a FANTASTIC local Children's museum, especially in the winter when we need to get out of the house. I'm also thankful for good friends to share the fun with us.

Marin's first time on Santa's lap. She liked it and told him she wanted a "cookie" for Christmas! So sweet!

Kaden told Santa a couple of the top items on his list (Hot Wheels race track and a Colts jersey) and Santa kept saying "and what else?" UGH! Verbalizing a laundry list really isn't something I want my children to associate with Christmas.

Marin helps brush Comet.

Kaden thoroughly enjoys the snowball fight and was sweating afterwards.

Kaden bakes cookies. Inside this pretend oven, it even smelled like cookies!

Marin LOVED sliding down this slide on her belly, like a penguin. I seriously think she went down 20+ times!

Checking out the dinosaurs on the computer.

Kaden's best dinosaur growl!

Going down the giant slide! Kaden and Marin are on the right.

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Emily said...

That looks like a really nice exhibit!

The Santa we saw kept saying the same thing - I was relieved when my kids said, "that's it," but that was only because I told them Santa only bring one gift. It's hard to know how to balance.