Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas 2011 Recap

Ok, so it's been almost two weeks since Christmas. Our decorations are down, the wrapping is all tossed, and we're home from our short trip to Illinois. We had a really nice Christmas weekend and have plenty of pictures to help us remember our fun for years to come. Here are a few:

Likely Kaden's favorite gift...his remote control ("that you don't have to charge") car from Marin.
Marin's most unusual Christmas present...VERY girlie flip-flops for next summer.
Kaden and mommy on Christmas Eve (it wasn't cold inside, he'd just been given a really cool hand-me-down coat from my cousins, so he chose to wear it most of the weekend)

Kaden, daddy and Grandpa plowing snow on Christmas morning. They got about 6 inches, so we had lots of white stuff to play in!
Marin and mommy in the snow. I may never has been as glad to have a pair of Carhart bibs to borrow as I was on Christmas! They were WARM!
Christmas Day with Grandma and Grandpa Steckel

Marin and her stocking at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
Marin with her brother's new magnifing glass.

This is how you'd find Kaden on and off all weekend...wearing his motorcycle helment (that wasn't even a Christmas present).
My mom with all the grandkids (ages 1, 2, days away from 3, and 4.5)

Marin's new doll and high chair

Dad and Teri with all the grandkids

Marin and cute together!

Dad trying on Kaden's night vision goggles...another favorite. Is anyone else seeing a pattern in what Kaden likes to do? Seems items you wear and dressing up are high among his current favorite activities. If you're ever at our house for a day, this will quickly be validated!

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Weed said...

They're just getting waaaaaay too big! Rachel and Kaden would have a ball playing dress up these days, wouldn't they???