Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kaden's New Haircut and Recent Quotes

On Monday Kaden got a haircut. He does really well at Great Clips and they do a great job on his hair. When he was done he asked, "I look cool?" Then, when he saw himself in the mirror for the first time he said, "I look like Larry Boy!" (He had just watched a Veggie Tale video)

Here are a few other funny quotes from the past week

(I seriously think I could write a book if I wrote it all down!)

  • Kaden: "Can I have a 'Mario' cookie?" (meaning, an OREO cookie)
  • Kaden from his bed at nap time: " overalls have an issue!" (turns out his tag was bothering him)
  • At a Super Bowl party Sunday night: "I want something healthy to eat." (Are you kidding? The child has NEVER asked for something healthy! I about died laughing. I think I figured out he wanted some yogurt)
  • Two days in a row, while bending over upside down with no clothes on, "Mom, how we see our butts?" I told him we had to use a mirror to see our butt.
  • Finally, today he asked if he could have a bike and I said, "When you get a little bigger" to which he answered "When I get bigger, I get a...a....a......Dirt Bike!" Oh my, I think I'm doomed!

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Weed said...

Wow, he looks SO much older!

(and that's hilarious about trying to see his butt!)