Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekly Quotes

Oh there are a ton this week! Enjoy!

When asked what he learned about this week in Bible Study : "The Israelites. They packed up all their stuff." (we're studing about their Exodus to Caanan)

When Marin was crying in the car: "Mom, next time we need to leave Marin at home. She's too loud."

When Jason said, "Come on homey!" Kaden said, "I'm not homey, I'm Kaden."

When Marin spit-up: "She's spitting out!"

When I asked him why he doesn't put on his socks fast for me in the morning: "Because sometimes I like to be a bear and grouch. Kinda."

And, the funniest of all, last weekend when Grandpa Mike and Grandma Teri were here he asked Grandma Teri this as Jason and I were getting ready to leave: "Do you have a big chest like my mom?" to which she said, "I guess so." He then proceeded to ask, "Do you have milk?" to which she replied, "No because I don't have a baby." Very well done (and even with a straight face!) Grandma Teri!

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