Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day Visitors

We had another fun weekend with grandparents this past weekend. Grandpa Mike and Grandma Teri came out and watched the kids for us on Saturday night so Jason and I could go out for Valentine's Day. How wonderful it was to actually be able to carry on a conversation during dinner! Kaden loved spending time with them. Here are a couple pictures...I have a ton, so I'll have to choose the best ones.

Cowboy Kaden

Enjoying the all the tricks of his new slinky

A new sled...now I'm not sure whether to wish for more snow this year or not!

The picture I didn't get yet, is of Kaden playing with the new garbage truck they brought him. He LOVES it and has been playing with it since Sunday.

Thanks for everything dad and Teri...we had a great time!

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