Friday, May 15, 2009

Growing Girl

This post is all about our little princess, because she hasn't hit the spotlight much recently. She's growing and changing all the time. In a couple weeks we'll go in for her 6 month check up already! This week I switched her from the bouncy seat to a "booster" seat to eat in. She's not quite enjoying the new seat yet, as she usually tips over, like this....

However, it seems to be keeping her, me, and the seat much cleaner than before. She wore this darling Carter's outfit today...oh, it's just so cute, pictures don't seem to do it justice. I think every old lady (and there were LOTS of them this morning) in Kroger stopped to chat with her. The green is a kelly green and it would have been great for St. Patrick's Day. And, you can't see it well, but it has pockets on the front of the pants with cute pink buttons on them. Even Kaden said she was a "pretty girl" (well, now that I think about it, he calls her that every day!).

She is so fun right now. She loves to be talked to and is working on grabbing toys and almost rolls over. Sitting isn't very steady,and she doesn't even like the Bumbo for long, but I'm sure she'll get it eventually. Her brother is her favorite entertainment. He makes her smile constantly. How lucky were are to have her!

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Ali said...

She is so darling.