Saturday, May 30, 2009

Name Frame

I got this wonderful idea from my friend Ali. She got one as a shower gift for her son and I just adored it when I saw it in his room. The idea and details have been floating around in my brain for months. Well, I finally got it finished this week. We call it a "name frame". I love how it turned out, and, although it's not hung yet, it will look great in her room. I hung it in Kaden's room to take the picture (so sorry about the glare), and he wanted to keep it! Funny boy! I told him he couldn't keep Marin's, but if he wanted his own I could make one for him. Looks like I've got another project on my hands. If only all my "projects" were as fun as this!

A cute picture of the "subject"


Ali said...

Oh my. That is darling. It makes me want to have a girl. Actually, I've never been around Marin, but she makes me want to have a girl.

God forgive me, but there are simply some girls that make me NOT want to have a girl. Not Marin. Nor that name frame. They are both too dang precious!

Weed said...

Look's great! I'm sure you want to make one for Rachel too, right? (just kidding)

Kimmer said...

I would love to know how you did it. It is soo cute. Miss you guys!