Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a nice weekend in Illinois this past weekend. We got to see lots of family and take it easy all weekend. No cooking or housework for either of us, what a treat! Here are some of the highlights.

Kaden sat on some tractors at "the John Deere store"

He sat on about 4, but would have liked to sit on all of the big ones.

Helped Grandpa Steckel wash his motorcycle while still wearing his pajamas!

Found a Buzz Lightyear costume that fit him perfectly. However, he says he wants to be a "guitar player" for Halloween this year. Guess we have a few months to iron out those details.

Took a short ride on Grandpa Steckel's motorcycle and LOVED it. I overheard him having a conversation with himself today about how he was going to buy a motorcycle.

Marin gets smooches. I didn't get many pictures of her this weekend, but she had a milestone weekend as she rolled over for the first time (and MANY times after) and also learned to blow bubbles/raspberries.


Karin said...

My favorite part of this post is the hand just waiting there for Buzz to take one giant leap off the picnic table to infanity & beyond! :) Hilarious!

Weed said...

Rachel will love seeing the Buzz Lightyear costume! And Marin is just getting WAY too big!! What a cutie.