Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of Preschool

Today was Kaden's first day of preschool. Now that it's over, I'm sure I was more nervous than he was. I walked down the hall this morning to his bedroom and overheard this conversation he was having with bear, "I have to eat breakfast, and brush teeth, and get dressed, and get my backpack, and mommy's going to put 'open the gate' on the list, and get my shoes on." When he came out of his room he said, "I get to go to school today!". He even prayed about it at breakfast, "Thank you Jesus that I get to go to school today and help me to get to play on the computer and go outside. Amen."
He did not once get sad. When we were in the parking lot at school he asked if we were staying, but when I said no he really wasn't phased. He walked in, put his backpack away (with help), and went to find his name on the carpet. I'm not sure he even noticed or cared that we left.
When we picked him up he was happy as a lark. He told us right away that he got to play computer and go outside. He also told us a million other details we were thrilled to learn: he painted a fluffy lamb, he sang songs in a different room with a drum, he went down the "hairy" slide outside, he played in the bean table, read a story, had crackers and green juice for snack, and he played with Cooper and Elise. As we drove I asked him what part of the morning wasn't his favorite and he said, "I loved it all!" And later he told me, "Mom, I really love school." I can't tell you how relieved I am. How thankful, how appreciative to his new teachers, how excited for all he'll learn socially, emotionally, and intellectually this year, and, how totally SHELL SHOCKED I still am that he's old enough to go to S-C-H-O-O-L.


Emily said...

Oh my gosh, how great! I hope our first morning goes as well (we still have 2 weeks!). It seems like Kaden is such a happy little boy, well adjusted and so sweet. What a cutie!

Congrats on this success...

Weed said...

YAY! So glad he had such a great day and can't wait to go back. Hoping our day Thursday goes just as well.