Monday, August 24, 2009

Neighborhood Fishing Contest

Saturday evening our neighborhood had a fishing contest and ice cream social at the lake behind our house. Mr. Kaden was thrilled beyond words at the prospect of going. Fishing and ice cream? Double treat! I wish you could have seen him carrying his container of worms (fresh from the yard), wearing his snow boots, and practically running ahead of us on our way. It was so cute.

Within the first 15 minutes he and daddy (mostly daddy) had caught 3 fish! It went down hill from there, not because of a lack of fish (seriously, Kaden's kiddie fishing pole probably caught close to 12 little blue gills in the hour and a half we were there), but rather because Kaden's friends showed up and his attention to fishing declined rapidly. Jason let another young boy use Kaden's pole and helped him put the worms on and take the fish off, because the pole he was using broke. Well, the boy just had to put the worm in the water and he had a fish every time. It was unbelievable!
Marin and I sat on the bank and chatted with our neighbors, enjoying the wonderfully cool evening and the socializing. It was a one of the very few FUN free events left in life and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.