Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Off to the Races

A few weeks back Jason got free tickets to the midget races here in town (the O'Reilly raceway is VERY close to us). He took Kaden, along with his neighbor friend Owen and his daddy. It was a night from Kaden's dreams. He talked and talked about it, and, in fact still talks about it. Watching the cars race was his favorite part. Waiting while the jet engines dried the track (which took close to an hour) "wasn't my best part." The next day, he asked "Can we go to the races again tonight?" He wore ear plugs and his friend wore headphones, but after that evening he referred to both as "earphones". My only regret is that I wasn't along to photo journal the entire experience, but Jason did get a couple shots, which is all I asked (actually, I think I threatened death). We're both excited to see Kaden enjoy races as he grows, since, you know, we do live in Indianapolis!

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