Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bob the Builder Exhibit

Our local Children's Museum has a Bob the Builder exhibit for the next several months. Kaden and I had been looking forward to checking it out and we weren't disappointed. We could have spent our entire visit there (it did get crowded as the morning went on though). There were TONS of things to do, many if not all of the machines to sit on, and even a book corner. It was a great place for Marin too, because she could crawl around and explore. It was a bit tricky keeping them both in my field of vision! Here are some of my favorite photos of our fun visit to the exhibit!
Marin and Pilchard

Kaden, Bob and Pilchard

Kaden and Muck

Kaden and Lofty

Kaden in Benny

Kaden trying to fix a sink in JJ's workshop. He spent a majority of his time here and LOVED all the hands on projects. It was so fun to watch him "work".

Marin assisting Kaden with the faucet project.

Kaden in Rolley

Kaden and Dizzy

Kaden and Scoop
We have plans to head back to the museum later this week and I'm SURE we'll be hitting this area again. If you're in our neck of the woods before June, be sure to stop by...I'll almost guarentee your whole family will enjoy it.


Ali said...

Your children are huge! Make them stop. Don't feed them anymore :)

Emily said...

That exhibit was at COSI 2 years ago and Katy loved it even though she had no clue who B the B was. We spent a lot of time there that winter...I was expecting David at the time. Actually, of all that traveling exhibits that have ever visited COSI since we've had kids, that was my favorite. (Sesame Street was cool but you had to pay $3 per person extra every time you went).

Weed said...

Rachel LOVED looking at these pictures. She didn't recognize Marin or Kaden, though, at first, and that made me sad. It's been so long since she's seen them. :( She made me tell her the name of every character they were posing with (she knows who Bob is, but not any of the vehicles or anything). We then looked back through old entries and she looked at all of the pictures on your blog--it had been awhile since she had seen any. She kept saying, "Are there more, Mommy?"