Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Understanding from a 5 year old

  • Today at breakfast Kaden prayed, "Thank you Jesus that part of your plan was Easter." Oh my! I loved it.

  • We've been doing Resurrection Eggs after dinner each night (if you haven't heard of them... You've gotta check them out! VERY COOL!). Last night we did the 7th egg which had 3 nails in it. So, we talked about how they hung Jesus on the cross. Then I asked him why Friday is called Good Friday when it's the day Jesus died. He did not hesitate long before he said, "Because Jesus took away our sins!" Praise God that boy has Truth in his precious heart! I am so stunned at his level of comprehension, memory and understanding.

  • Meanwhile Marin has found a new stall tactic for bedtime. She tells Jason she wants to put him to bed. She makes him go to his room, take off his shoes, get in bed, and get under the covers. Then she proceeds to sing him a song (usually Twinkle Twinkle) and pray for him. It's really cute!

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