Friday, April 8, 2011

Potty Training=Doll House

Marin has been potty training for several weeks. It has been a totally different experience than with Kaden. I was fully prepared to wait with her, but she's shown some serious interest. With Kaden, we told him when he went pee on the potty he would get a scooter. Well, the first time he went potty he looked up and me and said, "Where's my scooter?" With Marin we didn't mention a potty training "prize" until recently (to encourage her to poop on the potty). Now, granted she's not TOTALLY, completely trained, but she is well on her way. She is out of pull-ups and wearing undies during the day (all of her own initiation). I think we have only had to change wet pants two or three times this week. So, last night when she FINALLY pooped on the potty, she got her doll house as a reward. She is excited and we are very proud (and relieved that it wasn't a 6 month process this time!).

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