Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Family Party

Saturday Kaden celebrated his birthday with our extended family. He had looked forward to the day for months and it did not disappoint. He was surrounded by grandmas and grandpas who adore him and they showered him with love, attention and gifts. I always love getting to see my children interact with our families, but as they grown older it's even more fun to listen to the conversations that take place. This year he REALLY liked all of his gifts (even the clothes) and was able to play with each and everything he received. I'm so proud of the little man he's becoming (but more on that in another post) and the happy, fun, polite (usually) boy he is to be around.
**My dad is the only one who I didn't get a picture of! Ugh! Hate when that happens. Sorry dad! Unfortunately he spent the better part of the day trying to convience Marin he wouldn't pretend to use her new pony tissues again! Who'd have thought that would upset her.

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