Monday, January 12, 2009

Deal of the Week

For those of you who enjoy finding a good deal, here's one you'll love! Last week I got all of this for $2.80!

That's 3 packs of toilet paper (4 rolls each) and a jar of yeast.

Retail price for everything is about $11. I had coupons which made the toilet paper free, and found the Kroger brand of yeast, which was $2.69 compared to the name brands which are $8! I was excited, and thankful, to find these deals. Hopefully I'll find more in the future and share them with you!


Ali said...

I ALWAYS buy tp this way. Cottonelle and Angel Soft are often on sale at Kroger (for $0.99), and I wait until I have a $0.50 off coupon, which Kroger doubles. It's AWESOME. I love coupons!

Weed said...

Great deal! Our printer has been broken for a couple of weeks (and it's brand new--we bought it the week before Christmas because our other one broke!!), so I haven't been able to print any of the cottonelle coupons that are out right now (or any other of the printable coupons I've wanted to use). It's so frustrating! They're sending us a new one, which should be here in the next week, but until then, I can't print anything. Ugh!