Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter in Review

This year we got to do all of the traditional Easter activities. What fun! Friday we dyed eggs, Saturday we went to a local (and HUGE....like 3,000 people!) egg hunt, and Sunday we went to church, then had a KFC picnic at the park, and finally gave Kaden his Easter basket after nap. It was low key and fun. My favorite part? Getting cute pictures of my kids in their "Easter outfits"!

Dying the eggs

Painting the eggs (we got a "speckeled eggs" kit)

Seeing the Easter bunny for 1 second before racing off to find his age group for the hunt

This is what you do with your Elmo Easter basket while you're waiting for the egg hunt to start

Mommy and Marin enjoy the outdoors

Kaden as the Easter Bunny thanks to some glasses from Grt. Aunt Judy & Uncle Larry

The cutest little bunny I ever did see... ears compliments of grt. Aunt Judy & Uncle Larry!

Fancy Siblings after church

Can you see those darling outfits? They looked so cute! I could have paraded them around town they were so adorable...and matching!! (thanks mom!)

Me and the kiddos

Daddy and the kids (look at Marin's face...so funny!)

Kaden's Easter basket...void of any candy...but he LOVED it! (baseball glove, t-ball stand, wonder colors, sand box toys, and goggles)

Kaden loved his goggles in Florida, but they didn't keep the water out...here's hoping these will do the trick this summer! If not, they were good for dress up!

Jason about to enjoy the majority of his Easter goodies...a GIANT (over 1 pound) King Crab leg!

A great way to end the day... catch with daddy!

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Ali said...

You all coordinated so well on Easter! Precious.