Saturday, April 11, 2009

We're Back!

What a great vacation we had in Florida! Wonderfully warm (in the 80's) weather, family, and lots of relaxing fun! Kaden loved the airplane rides, the beach, swimming, gecko hunting with Auntie, and eating at restaurants. Marin loved being held by great grandma, entertained by her brother and cousin Brielle, and sleeping in the dark, warm bathroom. I enjoyed having help caring for my two kiddos, soaking in some sun, playing cards (and WINNING!), and NOT cooking! What a great week! It was truly better than we could have imagined! Thanks for all your prayers. Here are just a few of our MANY photos.

Kaden at the pool playing with dinosaurs.

Kaden and Auntie "gecko hunting"

The cousins (Kaden, Brielle, and Marin)

Kaden and Brielle at the beach

Green Girls---Brielle trying to console Marin

Kaden and Gramie at the pool

Kaden and Gramie at the beach (he loved to "stomp" the waves)

Great Grandma reads bedtime stories

Kaden and Great Grandma at Red Lobster

Brielle wasn't so fond of the beach

Sty'ln Brielle in her sunglasses

Kaden and mommy at the beach

A boy after his mother's sunning son

Brielle and Auntie in the pool (before Brielle got "kicked" out for being too young)

Kaden at the pool (every morning when I asked him what he wanted to do that day he said "Go swimming again!")

Great Grandma and Marin (Marin LOVED great grandma and the attention she gave her)

Kaden opening his birthday present (new swim trunks) from great grandma

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