Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pink and Green (with a Little Wrestling In Between)

Marin wore this fancy pink lacy dress on Sunday to church complete with a matching headband and frilly socks! Oh my did she look cute!

This is what we looked over and found Sunday afternoon....Kaden had pulled Marin out from under her play gym and was talking to her in a high voice and playing with her arms and legs (very gently, I might add). Darling!

Marin just started vegetables! She's eating the green beans, but she's not always thrilled about it. She looks rather happy here though, doesn't she?


Ali said...

Matt said to me last night, "I still really like the name Marin." He's been pushing for that name since we had Henry. We'll see . . . I love it, but I keep reminding him, "but we know a Marin already." Only God knows what this little baby will be named.

Emily said...

Looks like we are car seat twins - is that the windsor? We've got the car seat, the swing, the bouncy, but we sold the stroller when #2 came along.

Kids are looking cute!