Thursday, April 23, 2009

A $20 Day

Ok, so now that you've read the title I can't ask you how much I spent on everything in the above picture, can I? The kids and I hit about 5 garage sales today. It was a fun morning. Kaden's favorite find was the John Deere basketball (we think it may glow in the dark) and a blow up Southwest airplane.
I found several things for Marin including these $2 pair of Stride Rite shoes,

this white hooded Old Navy sweater that looks NEW,

and this cute, Old Navy pink camouflage rain coat for $1 for when she gets bigger (it's 3T).

The best bargain of the day was the Joovy Caboose double stroller I found for my sister. This is the stroller mom got me and I LOVE IT. So, when I saw this one I was prepared for it to be WAY expensive (mine was $200 new)....I was thrilled when I found out the price was $30! Yeah! Now Amber and I will have almost (mine is orange this one is red) matching strollers. I just hope she likes it as well as I do.

In other frugal news, I got my haircut last night at Great Clips for $4.99! WOW! Problem is, it's a bit short...well, guess that's frugal too, now I won't need it cut again for awhile!


Weed said...

$30 for that stroller?? Amazing!! Your sister is so lucky. Great job!

Ali said...

LOVE hearing about your deals. Finding bargains makes my day!