Thursday, November 6, 2008

Baby Update

Well, many of you (if not all of you), know that baby #2 will be arriving here soon. Technically we have just over 4 weeks to go, but we're hoping he or she decides to arrive sooner than that. On Monday, Jason's parents came to spend the day with Kaden so Jason and I could go to a dr. appointment and have yet another ultra sound of this baby. The results were good. The baby was moving all over and is head down! (yea!!) He or she is also quite big. The baby's head and belly are in the 90%ile and the current weight is around 7 1/2 pounds. This doesn't sound huge, except when you consider that he or she will likely wait another few weeks to come, adding close to a half pound a week. So, you can start praying that the little cutie will decide to make an appearance sometime in the next couple weeks. I start my weekly dr. appointments next week, so then I'll at least be getting updates as to how things are progressing.

Meanwhile, I guess we should work on putting the finishing (hanging pictures, cleaning out the closet, ect...) touches on the baby's room!

If you check the very bottom of my blog page, you can see a pregnancy ticker I put on. It's really cool to see how the baby is growing, and how many days I have left! NOTE: Our baby is slightly larger than the baby in the picture! :o)

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