Saturday, November 15, 2008


I'm thinking of making this a weekly post, where I list all the funny things Kaden says in a week. There certainly would be enough material, I'll just have to remember it. So, here's the first installment for your reading enjoyment.

1) While coloring on Grandpa Mike's birthday card:
Kaden: "Happy Birthday Grandpa Mike. I love you. Amen."

2) Telling daddy what we did yesterday:
Mommy: "Tell daddy where you went today."
Kaden: "I went to the 'zeeum' and see the tractors and the dinosaur and eat lunch..."
(translation-he went to the museum)

3) To my belly (several times this week):
Kaden: "Come out baby, come out."

4) Daddy was pretending to call Santa and tell him what a good boy Kaden's been:
Mommy: "Why don't you tell Santa what's on your Christmas list?"
Kaden: "Hi Santa, I want a 'tar' and roller skates." (translation-guitar)

5) Telling mommy what he and daddy did one evening:
Kaden: "I play army with daddy. Army not nice, they run away." (on the Nintendo)
Daddy: "What did the other game say?"
Kaden: "Here we go!" (Dr. Mario on the Nintendo)

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Ali said...

So glad you are keeping a blog! I will visit often. Can't believe you are about to have that baby!!!