Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Following in His Grandpa's Brush Strokes

As some of you may know, my dad is a professional painter. When I say professional, I mean PROFESSIONAL. He works for himself, and always has clients waiting. He is The Best around, and that's not me being bias, just ask ANYONE he's worked for. Well, before we moved in, he painted most of the interior of our new home. Kaden watched, and has been told many times not to touch the walls because Grandpa Mike worked hard painting them. Kaden even told Jason a few weeks back "Don't bump the wall daddy, Grandpa Mike painted it!" Well, this weekend Jason bought a small roller to paint the bookshelves he's working on. And just who do you suspect was the first to use it? Kaden! He got his stool and told us he was going to paint the walls. He'd ask us which wall we wanted painted, and he's set to work. It was so cute! He even pretended to have a bucket of paint, which he moved around with him, and, after painting a few seconds, he'd get off his stool and pretend to dip his roller into the paint to get more. We were both smiling at his creativity and imagination. Give him a few years (ok, so maybe 13 or so) and Grandpa Mike may have a business partner!

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