Monday, November 3, 2008

A Visit from Aaron

What a fun weekend we had! Our good friends from Michigan (we met them when they lived in Columbus) came to visit for the weekend with their 2 year old son Aaron. Kaden and Aaron had never met, but did well playing together for the most part and were very excited to see each other every morning when they woke up.

They were quite entertaining in the bath tub together. Aaron loved all of Kaden's bath toys, and Kaden thought he was the rule enforcer, continually telling Aaron not to drink the bath water (which Kaden himself has been told more than a million times).

After bath and each morning the boys would crowd into Kaden's chair and read stories. I think both of them would have sat for many, many stories if they hadn't decided they wanted to play in the play room, or needed breakfast.

On Saturday we made our first trip to the local Children's Museum. What a hit! It's a great place. Very clean, very new, and VERY child centered. They enjoyed playing on their own and not having to share toys for a couple hours!

This weekend reminded me once again, that friends are truly a gift from God!

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