Monday, November 10, 2008

Family Visitors

This weekend we had fun family visitors. My mom, sister, and 10 month old niece came for the weekend. We didn't do much, but it was fun to hang out together. Kaden loves getting attention from his gramie and auntie. He also likes to "help" with Brielle. He held her, gave her toys, and at one point was intstructing her that "we have rules here" in our house and said something about "following directions." According to him the rules are "no screaming" (this one is actually acurate, although I'm sure I've never called it a rule). The other rule he claimed we have is "no acting silly." Where that one came from, I can only imagine. He is CONSTANTLY silly, so if this was a rule, he would be living on the time-out steps. It amazes me how quickly he can repeat what I've told him to other children, but still has SUCH A HARD TIME applying it to himself. From what I hear, and what I can remember, I was bossy to my dear sister while growing up. Will Kaden be the same way with his sibling? Stay tuned to find out (T-4 weeks and counting).

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